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Blue Gator Ground Protection Mats

1" x 16Ft Ratchet Tie Down W/ D-Rings


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Product Description

This product is a 1 in. x 16 ft. ratchet tie down strap designed for everyday use. This Professional duty strap can be used for moving appliances and garden equipment, ground protection mat tie down and trailer straps. The 16 ft. of patented extra strong webbing gives you reliability when you most need it. This sleek sturdy metal handle gives you durability when you most need it without the bulkiness of other ratchet handles. Floating D-ring with DJ hook combination allows the strap to loop back into itself to create a choker. A vital feature to secure the load when no anchor points are accessible, or there is no convenient place to connect the ratchet hook. 3000 lb. break strength and a 1000 lb. WLL (working Load Limit).