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Blue Gator Ground Protection Mats

Eco-Rinks (Synthetic Ice)


Eco-Rinks (Synthetic Ice)
Eco-Rinks (Synthetic Ice) Eco-Rinks (Synthetic Ice) Eco-Rinks (Synthetic Ice) Eco-Rinks (Synthetic Ice)

Product Description

Skate in any environment while protecting our environment with Blue Gator Eco-Rinks. Our eco-rinks are synthetic ice rinks that allow for traditional ice sports and fun without the need for cold conditions, water, or electricity!

Easily installed indoors or outdoors for extra family fun or athletic practice and competition. Our synthetic ice panels are enhanced with a proprietary glide agent, creating a skating surface that performs just like natural ice.

Blue Gator Eco-Rink’s panels are easy to handle, assemble and disassemble. Our interlocking connection system maximizes connection points in all directions to avoid expansion and contraction and ensure the panels will not pop up or warp. The connections are precision cut to create a seamless surface and resemble real ice.

• Minimal maintenance
• Shock absorbing
• Quick setup
• Easy storage
• Superior glide performance
• No white dusty, messy residue
• Easy installation
• Flexible design
• Optimal sheet sizes maximize yield
• No Zamboni needed! 

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