Whether you purchase ground protection mats used, new or even get ground protection mats for rent, they serve an important purpose for many reasons. Ground protection mats are necessary to protect any area driven on by a piece of equipment and also provide the equipment with traction and access over sand, mud and marshy areas, in addition to protecting workers, guests, equipment and vehicles.

The reason why a popular search is “ground protection mats for sale near me” is due to their rising popularity in multiple facets of peoples lives. The best ground protection mats can be used on almost any terrain including construction sites, landscaping projects, oil fields, temporary roads, and more. Heavy duty ground protection mats have panels and systems that allows work to get done without the equipment getting stuck, or the environment getting damaged.

What are ground protection mats used for primarily? In addition to construction sites and heavy duty landscaping, they can provide a temporary road, parking area, or car turnaround to get guests and staff close to a location. What’s more is that they can protect the turf on a football or soccer field, baseball diamond, etc. so that these sites can be used for other events like rallies, graduations, concerts, etc, without danger of rutting, soil compaction, turf damage or other damage to the playing field. In addition to all these uses it is important to know that unlike sheets of plywood, which don’t last forever, Ground Protection Mats can be reused and recycled.

As can be seen, ground protection mats are a must have for anyone in maintenance and groundskeeping. However, ground protection mats can be used by the average person for a variety of reasons. Ground Protection mats can be used as a temporary sidewalk for events, lawn protection when doing renovations and can protect the area around a house during roofing projects, painting and siding, renovations, repairs, tree trimming, and more.

Whether you are a contractor, landscaper, event planner, oil driller, water drilling or other professional, ground protection mats will keep your clients and equipment happy and clean, and your site protected. Blue Gator Ground Protection offer white and black ground protection mats in several sizes for all of the needs listed above.