Protect with the Best!

The only ground protection mats infused with rubber for superior traction & durability.

Blue Gator Mats have changed our business. We're ordering 2 dozen more for all our crews!

John Dillard, President of Landscaping Transformations

Why Blue Gator Mats?

Translucent White Transmits Light

Rugged — Withstands Up To 60 Tons!

Eco-Friendly — 100% Recyclable & Waterproof

Flexible - Won't Crack or Peel

Lightweight, Easy To Transport & Assemble

Prevents Ruts & Damage to Turf

Blue Gator Ground Protection mats – (Ground Mats for short)

Ground construction mats help protect property, whether industrial or residential, lawns and golf courses, pool areas and heavy mud areas where water drilling or arborists may work . They help spread the heavy weight of cranes and large bucket trucks . They are a necessity for golf course that need the perfect course kept up.
Ground Mats for construction are used anywhere you have heavy equipment. It protects the workers and the equipment from rutting the ground and gives excellent traction due to its two separate side having a chevron design as well as a diamond plate side. These are excellent for pool ground mats when repairing, servicing or constructing pools. Make great protection mats for civil construction like office buildings. Outdoor ground mats are also used as non permanent walkways for outdoor events like plays or concerts and sports.

Your Industry Needs Protection Mats. Whether you are a utility company, civil construction or a landscaper, arborist or a water services driller, anywhere in the USA, you can trust Blue Gator Ground Protection for high quality groundmats. Ideal and made from our unique blend of rubber infused HDPE plastics, there are many applications, from water pipeline construction to gold course maintenance, and high end civil construction. When you need to work over wetlands, mud or residential grass our ground access mats will work for you every day. Our ground mats are made in the USA at our Florida factory and we serve the entire USA . They are made from HPDE – High Density Polyethylene Plastic. Made from Rubber infused In our own proprietary process. These are 100% recyclable and tough as nails!
These are the highest quality groundmats as we have years of experience in injection molded plastics. So please consider us for your next construction project need of protection mats. Lightweight with up to four hand holds, they are easy to transport and carry, very tough for up to 60 tons and are available in black or transparent white for when you need to let light in to keep grass healthy. Call us today for fast shipment at
 628 – 800 – 6287